Evergreen Services

EVERGREEN communications services are long-lasting communications addresses that allow a person to receive communications over time without needing to have a specific device or commercial relationship with a provider.  Core to EVERGREEN is a mobile phone number that "lasts" - a number that is "provisioned" to work on whatever mobile phone you happened to be using.  It rings on that phone, as well as the number that "comes with" that phone.  Those of you who are familiar with the technology will recognize this as IP Telephony.

The suite of EVERGREEN Communications services will include four other capabilities:  an email address, a digital vault, a post office box number, and a bank account.  The Oregon Digital Safety Net will not build these capabilities - they exist today.  Rather, ORDSN will repackage or bundle them, and deliver then through an ORDSN "enrollment layer" for use by the populations that ORDSN is targeting.

The common principle is that the addresses (in some cases, you can think of them as "accounts" will be long-lasting; they will not be cancelled for inactivity, and they will not require specialized software or devices on the part of the end user.